Get the most out of your gym time by being guided every step of the way with a Certified Personal Trainer. Air Fitness where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built. Our product is a tool, a means to an end; not a brand name or a mold-maker, but a tool that can be used by anyone. As we evolve and educate ourselves, we will seek to perfect this safe, energetic environment, where everyone feels accepted and respected.

If you need to modify too many exercises in your gym routine because of pain or injury, then the A.F Experience is right for you. You will get a handle on the chronic issues that hinder your progress and take the guess work out of your workouts.

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Program #1
Cardiorespiratory Training

Cardiorespiratory training is exercise that increases your metabolic rate by challenging the heart and lungs. This type of training increases the endurance of the heart as well as expanding lung capacity. It increases the efficiency of oxygen use and enhances blood circulation, therefore burning the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time.

Muay Thai:
• Strengthens cardiorespiratory function
• Improves lower body strength
• Relieves stress

Adrenaline Kick 47 (AK-47):
• High intensity total body workout
• Improves aerobic and anaerobic endurance
• A great way to speed up your metabolism

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Program #2
Strength Training

Strength training takes place when the muscles face a stronger-than-usual counterforce. Strength training is a basic component of fitness and wellness and is vital to effectively performing daily activities. Not only does strength training improve posture, it also builds muscle and improves the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat, giving you a more defined body shape.

TRX Circuit:
• Body weight exercises performed with a suspension trainer
• Develops core strength
360 Blast:
• An all level resistance workout adding extra definition to the body
• Improves overall fitness
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Program #3
Functional Training

Functional training is usually done standing and using multiple joints. It makes day-to-day activities easier to perform and prevents injuries. It involves weight-bearing activities that target core muscles and achieve better joint mobility and stability.

Athletic Conditioning:
• High intensity, strength challenged workoutn
• Ideal training for people who want to improve sports performance
• Equipment-based workout (e.g. Kettlebell, Vipr, powerbag)
S.A.Q. (Speed, Agility, Quickness):
• Exercise performed in 3 planes of motion & improves overall fitness
• Improves balance, coordination, and flexibility
• Enhances ability to perform daily physical activities
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Program #4
Flexibility Training

Flexibility training increases the range of motion of a joint or a group of joints. It helps increase tissue extensibility (elasticity) and therefore lowers the chance of muscle imbalance, preventing injuries in the long term.

• Helps you eliminate the mental and physical effects of stress
• Relieves neck, shoulder, and lower back discomfort
• Mat-based exercise and improves mobility
• Builds core strength without adding bulk
• Holding a lengthened muscle in an elongated position
• Improves circulation & decreases risk of injury
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